Fourth of July

By | December 11, 2018

Ok here we go, another 4th of July at the club. It could be worse, of course, working at an Applebees or TGI Fridays on a holiday is definitely worse. We come in early in the morning to set up the lawn spots for member reservations: a blanket, a picnic basket per their order, drinks, ice, mixers, etc; get the buffet set up: buns and condiments, grill sides like salads, fruit, potato salad, etc.; and get the grills fired up: hot dogs, brats, burgers, mushrooms, fish, etc. We get the drink stations arranged: lemonade, iced teas, etc.

We usually finish by about 12, guests begin to arrive around 2. Part of the fun of working on the 4th of July is that once the whole lawn is set, our job is mostly to make ourselves scarce but available. Here to be alerted of concerns, but not present enough to make guests feel uncomfortable. We basically want this to be a family event without the family having to work to make it happen.

So we use those two hours, usually, at the 9th Hold Oasis getting high.