By | December 9, 2018

Oh I know, your first question, “which Mrs. Applebaum?” The Applebaums are a legacy family with four generations running around this club. Mamie has been drinking hot water with lemon here since the club opened, her father was one of the founders. She married Mort and they had two kids. That’s, for Arlington purposes, as high as the family tree goes.

They are big fixtures around the club, whenever they dine it’s like royalty is here. There is a table in the formal dining area that is not occupied unless they are in attendance. And they come often, I spend much of my time wondering if any member of the Applebaum family has ever set foot in a grocery store or kitchen.

One of our spies recently saw the youngest of the Applebaum clan, Rachel (14 years old) sharing a joint with Ben Cohen at the 9th Hole Oasis. Since golfing is closed for course maintenance on Tuesdays, the staff who’s not busy maintaining, use the 9th Hole Oasis as a Caddyshack-type hang spot. I don’t know who invited member kids, but wow please don’t again!