By | May 28, 2019

Does anybody who read this blog remember Sheila Van Cleef?  

 She was a widow whose husband, M. Van Cleef (world-renowned jewelry designer) passed sometime in the 1990s and she retained his club membership. She comes in, always in black, always in mourning, for decades, and orders hot water with lemon. I don’t know how this woman has any feeling left in her mouth with how hot I’ve been making this order for the past several summers.  

 I’ve tried to engage her but she never seems open to chatting. She has three women, also widows, meet her once a week to play bridge. They all order big elaborate meals, but she always orders her hot water with lemon and delights (to the degree to which she is capable) in her friends’ enjoying their steak or lobster.  

 They’re generally very gracious and kind and sweet. They must not belong to any country clubs themselves. Poor old poorsies.  

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