By | May 22, 2019

And the twenty-somethings are just the teens a few years later and they’re difficult for a whole different reason. They are difficult because they understand how the game works, they’ve learned not to respect service staff, they want to stunt for their friends, and they presume to have the kind of clout that they say their dads have with the staff a decade earlier.  

 Check it out, though, Trevor or Kyle or Chandler or whoever, it’s impossible for you to have the kind of cloud your dad did if you’re ordering a round of JagBombs for a table to ill-mannered frat bros. At least your dads understood the kind of work that goes into hosting 7 of his golf buddies for dinner at the club and expresses a modicum of appreciation for the staff who makes it happen.  

 The twenty sometimes call you out in front of their friends to try to prove some macho point about how much power they hold. But yo, I’m still the one serving you drinks so, play nice boys!