The Tipping Policy

By | December 12, 2018

I don’t mind the NO CASH ON PREMISES tipping policy logistically. I make $15/hour as a waitress compared to many of my friends who make, literally, $2.35/hour and have to depend otherwise on tips.  And I don’t miss handling cash. Every transaction at the club comes down to running a bill and simply having the member sign off that it’s correct. Membership Billing handles the rest.

But the one night a month when the formal dining room stays open late to accommodate Mr. Kaplan and his 7 guests, we fight over who gets to keep the shift. It’s the most fun you’ll have all month. Mr. Kaplan is about 38 years old, he is a legacy member who engages in none of the club events. His $80,000 membership fee is waived due to some old-timey agreement that nobody understands, but he still has to hit his monthly dining expense of $2,000. Because he only comes to this one dinner a month and he brings the monthly limit of 7 guests, he puts this entire expense into this one dinner.

They order every starter, they order the most expensive bottles of champagne, they order the entire menu by the time the meal is done. They never exceed $2000. And they always break the no tipping role. Mr. Kaplan always tips 25% in cash. And each of his guests usually leaves a little something under the dishes. I once asked Mr. Kaplan what he does for a living, trying to fill an awkward quiet moment, and he said with a smile “I’m in Professional Transition” which I think means he doesn’t work?

I once made $600 for staying late for the Kaplan reservation.