The Nannies

By | December 14, 2018

Pool Days in the summer are mostly made up for school-aged kids with their nannies. Because the nannies are usually the help but suddenly find themselves considering us the help, they are consistently the most demanding and least appreciative customers.

They’re not technically club members but they are put on the guest list for members, and as such we’re meant to treat them the way we would treat any member. These are the customers who send back ice water for not having ice – 15 minutes after I deliver it on a 90-degree day. These are the customers who order cocktails and then try to pay for it on a separate check and panicking because they suddenly realize their employers will see it on the bill. These customers ask wait staff to watch the kids “just for five minutes while I run to the bathroom.” They’re the worst.

We arrange an “Activity” for every pool day and either have the staff or hired-in help facilitate this. So the kids will all gather for face-painting or dance classes or something. And then! We get to! Kick the nannies out of the pool area!