By | May 18, 2019

There are two challenging groups at the club, besides obviously the elderly wealthy people. But you come to expect a certain kind of behavior from elderly wealthy people – have you seen the news lately?!  

But the TEENS are one of the two most challenging groups.  

 Teenagers are moody, snotty, malcontent for the sake of it, and often act put out to even be at the club in the first place. They don’t appreciate the open bar, the open restaurant tab, the number of activities possible at any time. They don’t appreciate being surrounded by the other snarky popular rich teenagers who they avoid at high school and then bully at the club. And their parents seem to think we’re some sort of day camp where they can enter with their kid, lose track of one another for eight hour, and then leave with their kid – paying no mind to what that little asshole was up to for those eight hours.  

 What are they up to you wonder?! Well, they smoke pot at the staff hang and threaten to out us to their shitty parents. They drink beers out of the self-serve minifridge in the 9th Hole Lounge and sneer at us when we suggest that they at LEAST pay for the beers they’re drinking while six years too young to do so legally. They dress like they’re on spring break. 

 It’s just really hard to be at work, making sure everything is perfect for people, and to have these little assholes show up and not even appreciate it!